Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hi all,

Here's the Halloween drawing that Kristy, Kristen and I came up with. I'll post a comment shortly, and Kristen and Kristy might as well. Just posting it so everyone can take a look and see what we came up with.
Ok, here's the commentary....way late.
We got together for the halloween jam and came up with the idea of putting the DC girls in each other's costumes to go out trick or treating. They all happened to meet at the same house while trick or treating. As you can see, Wonder Woman looks peeved at Catwoman wearing her costume. Catwoman looks coy wearing hers. And Kara looks like she's happy to get some treats. The kiddies are kind of surprised to see them and their costumes.
I did the pencils, Kristen did the inking and Kristy did the colouring. It was fun to jam on this. Hope to do it again.

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