Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Supergirl: Lost Daughter of Krypton 18

Here is the cover this month. You may notice a lot of the lines are incredibly sloppy and the line art itself is sketchy. Right, so, this week has been busy.

But on another note - you may be asking why Metallo and Kara are frolicking. It's inspired by an insinuation Steve makes. And I thought them frolicking would be funny.

As far as what I wish I had time to change (I drew this in essentially 16 interrupted hours)...the biggest problem is Metallo's hand, if you ask me. That should be properly colored. The fact that there's a lot of places where other colors cross lines they shouldn't. I should have fixed the sun in the background, and whatnot. Kara's face transgressed 6 years back to the drawing style I had in 8th grade (I guess I can blame this on being in a car (I took every moment my hands weren't doing something to work on this)).

I have to say, though. I like how the pants turned out. They /were/ the first thing I started fixing up as soon as I'd gotten the base colors down. The method I used for working on this cover were sketching out the shapes with a light blue, making another layer to draw the sketchy lineart, and then getting rid of the shapes (except I was horribly sleep deprived and didn't quite do this. The shape layer ended up on the same layer as the skin and pants). Anyways, the thing I did after laying down the colors (on varying layers depending on when I would remember to make new ones), was go through and shade with some degree of properness whilst also fixing up the lines so they weren't so sketchy and bad. And I still managed to miss a lot (particularly Metallo's hand) due to the sleep deprivation.

Which brings me to the following conclusion and moral of the story: I need to a) remember I need to draw things once a month and b) not procrastinate.

However, this was a terrible week for me to get anything done without being sleep-deprived. I just got exceptionally busy over the past four days, and have been doing my best to get it all done in time.

I also had the misfortune of losing my tablet pen about a week and a half ago, and have been searching for that frantically ever since. This cover was brought to you by the kind heart of my best friend (and her tablet-lending fantasticness).

I'll stop rambling, as now I'm trying to get a certain something else colored with as much goodness and quickness as possible. The tablet has to go back to my best friend today. (Then I have to write a script, storyboard, schedule and budget a film in a day. Oh good god).

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