Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Superman: The Last Son of Krypton Issue 42/ Vindicatum 3

Hey folks,

Ya didn't think I'd forget aboutcha, right? Right. Anyway, Here is the cover for Superman LSOK 42/ Vindicatum 3.

My commentary is provided here! Enjoy, and thanks for listening.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Long time listener, first time cover artist

Hey guys, I just took over duties doing covers for Star Trek: Defiant, sorry I'm a little late with the post but i did have some things I wanted to share about my work on episode 25.
So being in Co on a vacation when i got the job to do the first cover, instead of in Ga where i live and have all my supplies. i didn't have the supplies i would usually draw upon, so i drew them separate and assembled them in Photoshop.

So here's a picture of the original inks.
And here's all the pieces compiled in Photoshop.

And lastly here is an early rough version of the colors.

And the final. All color layers are under the inks which have a multiply layer filter on them, and then i airbrushed the thrusters out of the back of the ship and added the lens flair on top of the inks layer.
I was very inspired by Jack Kirby's stylistic version of space, and drew allot from his old work on Silver Surfer, Fantastic 4 etc. I also drew allot of inspiration from the colors of Cam Kenedy's work on Star Wars: Dark Empire.

I had just gotten a description for the last episodes cover because I only came on board a few days before it was due but now with the longer episodes that are starting to happen with Defiant it seems the hardest part of the job will be just getting through the script in time. Looking forward to doing my first cover with the characters on episode 26, look for it by the 8th of July.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vegas 11 is now boarding

Hi again! Here's the cover for "Once Upon a Time in Vegas" chapter 11. It was more of a struggle this time, but I think it turned out well in the end. I wasn't intending on doing another Tessa cover, but I thought this scene would work out best. I'll draw someone else next time! Promise!

The cover was colored in Photoshop this time around; I had a time crunch, I still need to replace some markers, and I needed to tweak the drawing a lot. This worked out well because I got to play with the colors a lot more in PS than I'd have been able to with marker. I actually colored everything but Tessa in various grays, and then ended up with the sepia tone after playing around with an adjustment layer. (What's an adjustment layer? Check out this video tutorial to find out.)

I got a kick out of drawing O'Hare, by the way. I know airport gates are generally the same everywhere, but O'Hare is my "home" airport. Thanks, Rene and Alicia, for putting that little detail in. ;)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Batman: The Ace of Detectives, Issue 29 (Vindicatum 1)!

Excited about part 1 of Vindicatum yet? No? Well, get excited, darn it! And then you can take a look at the cover I made:

Commentary is available, and may be found at:

The sketch which I mention in the commentary may be viewed on my DeviantArt account here.

~ Harley says hi. ~

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Kingery Episode 2x02

I went back to a more traditional look with this one but I forgot to keep the logo placement in mind so his hands ended up being completely covered. Oh well . . . to err is human etc. etc.