Wednesday, September 9, 2009

fun show seeking new artist

its been fun, a year a half after my first cover and 15 covers later i will sadly be leaving defiant. however, this leaves a spot for someone else to step into fill those empty shoes, as mentioned on the previous post. so there is a gap as mentioned in twip but they are looking for someone so i hope this is an good thing, an oportunity for an up and coming artists looking to showcase their work, as i was, its a good group of guys (And girls) and you get some exciting scripts to work from. if your interested the contact info is in the previous post or in the latest TWIP. later, and thanks for the opportunity. -Z
ps: as always the inks and process work are on my blog.

Star Trek: Defiant, Ep. 39 by ~xaqBazit on deviantART

Mea Culpa! and Artist News

Firstly, a giant "Mea Culpa" goes out to Kristen Bays, and the Art Blog audience at large for my neglecting to release the banner with the debut of Dixie 36. I have no excuse for doing so, especially since it was made ahead of time. I'm sorry. However, you can now see it along with the cover for Defiant 39.

Secondly, as heard on this week's TWIP, Zach Basset has made Star Trek: Defiant issue 39 his last. We all wish him the best.

However, that leaves us an opening that needs to be filled. If you are a Star Trek fan, and also an artist (or know someone who is) please contact either myself (, or Jeffrey Bridges ( and submit a drawing or a link to an art portfolio.

We look forward to seeing your stuff!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Covering Supergirl

Hey guys it's great to be a part of the Pendant Family. The image you see is a really rough sketch of the main players in the Pendant Super girl cast. I hope I can bring something special to the party.