Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Look, it's Atomic Skull! And not Ghost Rider!

Commentary here!

Friday, April 24, 2009

I made this using water color and photoshop. I hope my covers will improve over time (i.e. drawing more than just Martian Manhunter's head) Sigh lol. I hope they still liked it. :D
I wonder what I'll do next?

Seminar 25

Hey all! Long time, no see. XD

I been busy.

Anyway, I'm the new Seminar artist: yayyyyy!

So here's mah first cover.
I actually played around with this a bit before sending it out.
So this is what I started with...well, like. I laid down the base of the tea cup, which was easy enough. I just used elliptical marquees and gradients, &ct. Look closely, there's like depth and stuff (no leaves though). XD The background was originally green because I was going to try and do a computer motherboard for the background. I came to my senses eventually, though I don't doubt that would have been freakin' awesome.
Then came the wave of tea. I was actually pretty proud of my wave. It made me sad I intended to have Mal popping out at the viewer...which would essentially cover it up. I tried to figure out just how much would get covered up with the following:I was I like the pose. Let's see if it works. So I then had to squiggle in some white so I could lay down ...some form of line work.Oh, I forgot to mention the dingy little surfboard. That came before anything else - he needed to stand on something. =nod= Plus that would give me an ending point for whatever weird perspective I was going for.
Then I wanted to cry - he's completely covering the wave. =head desk= Thank goodness for layers! I'm smart sometimes (usually I forget to make layers for certain things...).

So yeah. I moved it. Because I wanted some of the work I put into the wave to show up. And I moved the cup, too. Thing was - Mal was so small when I shrunk him and moved the I kept messing around to figure out how I could have Mal IN YOUR FACE...and then...uh...I kept playing around with it centered but it didn't look right, so I moved it to the side a wee bit and made Mal BIG. Woo.

So then I added shading. =nod= You might notice the colors look a lot prettier like this. That's because .jpgs hate me and make my colors massively lighter.

Oh and fun sidenote, I rethought the positioning because I have a thing about mild symmetry. So I put it in the center and it looked a little awkward because I realized you couldn't see a handle. So I made one. >

It looks cool, but I guess it doesn't grab you as much. =nod=

I sent both out, though, because I was sleep deprived and indecisive.

Sooo...yeah. This is what happens when I have the forethought to prnt scrn. You get to process? I guess I have a process. =shrug= It's fairly organic and there's a vast lack of forethought normally.

Perhaps if I gain massive forethought I'll make commentary in the future, though I'm already rambly enough in textual form. XD

Monday, April 20, 2009

Catwoman Issue 8

Hiya Folks,

I'll put up an auditory commentary on it soon. Here's cover 8 though. I'm not gonna post the photo references that I used cuz I took pictures of myself doing those poses....with a camera on a tripod.....and me jumpinng in the air onto my bed.....ya....anyways.......

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Defiant 34

Star Trek Defiant, Ep. 34 by ~xaqBazit on deviantART
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