Thursday, November 13, 2008

Catwoman Issue 3

Hey all,

Here's my drawing for Issue 3. I did it differently than what I normally do. Usually I use photo references and draw from those. This time I drew freehand from my mind and then shaded it like I normally do. The only photo reference I used was the gun (an Uzi.)
In this scene Catwoman is sneaking around a compound in Cancun and the hoodlums below keep walking by and leaving. So I decided to go for a low view point with a close up of the hoodlum and his mean looking gun, with Catwoman in her element sneaking around the wall. Kind of like a cat walking along fences at night.
I used a B pencil to quick sketch it. Then used a 2B to outline the characters and wall. After that, I used stomps to blend in the shading and there you have it!
See ya
(next time, I'll scan the drawing step by step and post the steps.)

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