Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Catoman Issue 2. Starting over from scratch


So, for issue 2, I went back to what I know and am comfortable with...pencil...straight pencil... I'm happy with how this cover turned out. I thought I would draw Catwoman without her mask and costume. So now the listeners get to see what's under the mask.
She's leaning against the patio door/window looking out into the night and I decided to throw a little bit of a freudian art thingy-ma-bob in there with her eye looking like a cat's eye in her reflection...hmmmm....
Her hair was fun to do. Trying to get a nice modern, but normal type haircut.

The cat (Issus) was a little harder to draw just cause she's black. I've found that drawing black cats and dogs is more difficult than a light coloured cat or dog. I can't go too dark all over, otherwise, it looks flat and bad. So, some light shading with my kneadable eraser after the fact helps out.
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