Sunday, October 25, 2009

Supergirl 29-Better late than never!

Hi Guys,

I'll be putting up similar posts for each cover as they are released.
This basically takes you thought my process a little.

I usually start with a really loose sketch in blue to sort of block in my shapes and staging. From there I love onto a slightly tighter sketch in a dark red to get in all the details.

My last step is bumping up the DIP and doing a final inking pass with darker versions of the objects they surround.

Let me know what you think in the comments section.


The Clairvoyant said...

That's pretty sweet, Manny. I didn't notice the little circular marks around his elbow beforehand, even after seeing the original you handed in.

Metallo looks good.

Daniel said...

Really nice work Manny! Thanks for sharing! You have a really great sense of composition!

mannycartoon said...

Thanks guys.

I build the commotion first by really roughing stuff in.

Most people can't even tell whats doing on in my initial sketches.

It's all about staging.