Monday, October 26, 2009


Hi Guys,
I thought I would take a page from Manny's post and show the progression to the finished. Like Manny I usually start with a sketch. This gives me a chance to look through all the angles of light that I will be needing in the finished rendering. After that I begin my digital painting in Photoshop. From here, I try not to use any hard lines, trying to keep the illustration as soft yet structured. What we're left with is the finished product.

I usually try two variations to see which one has the most impact and discuss it with Kat (the almighty yet extremely cool director) and which ever direction she likes. We go from there. Hope you enjoy it!


mannycartoon said...

Good stuff man.

I really like your finished piece there. It's got a nice softness to it.

I'd really like to see a full costume shot of the heroine to see the design.

It looks really cool.


The Clairvoyant said...

This is a pretty sweet cover, Dan. I like the color layout.