Friday, May 30, 2008

Once Upon a Time in Vegas #10

Hi everyone! Sorry this is a little late. I was working a convention the weekend this episode came out, and I am just now crawling out from the rock I was hiding under post-con.

This is my first cover for Vegas, although it's not my first Pendant work. I also did the promotional poster for Dixie Stenberg. Both Dixie and this Vegas cover are done in Copic marker on Bristol board.

Anyways! The lovely ladies behind Vegas requested a pulp novel look, which got me really excited. I love vintage art, and pulp novels are no different. I used a lot more blacks and greys than normal in order to emulate the cheap printing method of old pulp novels. This cover also had a lot of Photoshoppin' done to it; some of the markers I was using up and died on me and so I Photoshopped in some of the background. I'm not telling where!

After I finished the main art, I needed to age the cover. Bright clean marker colors aren't very convincing as a 50-year-old book. I used some stock textures and Photoshop brushes to beat up the image a bit.

One more thing I worked on was aging the logo. Paper tends to yellow over time, and inks fade. I putzed around a bit until the logo looked as old and yellow as the rest of the image.

Finally, I dug up a font that had some of the vintage look of pulp novels. The cover uses a slightly tweaked Gill Sans Condensed. I crossed my fingers that Jeffrey wouldn't kill me for being so picky and was done! Here's the end result.

I had a lot of fun working on this cover. I'm looking forward to blabbing about the next one!

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