Saturday, April 12, 2008

Superman: The Last Son of Krypton, Issue 39

For this issue, I wanted to do something kinda bold. I mean, it's pretty ballsy (for want of a better term) for the DA to subpoena Ares: God of War. Since this was nothing he really had too much control over, I figured he'd be kinda peeved. Thusly, the fire was an easy choice for a back ground.

The subpoena on the cover was my homage to what Jerry Scullion did with Issue 19. There are little easter eggs in the subpoena (which I don't know if you can see) like there was in Scullion's work such as the release date of this episode being the date Ares needed to appear, and the time to appear was my estimation of when the episode debuted on iTunes and on the Pendant site. I don't wanna give away too many, as that would defeat the purpose.

The next thing to really discuss is Ares himself. I tried to basically stick to the current costume design. I changed his helmet to look more like Leonidas from 300. The reason being is because every time I drew the helmet like it is in the comic, it wound up looking like Super Shredder from Turtles II. I also left out a few of the horns/spikes from the helmet since I thought it made it look really busy.

I also gave him a chest plate/skirty thing that looks more like Trojan armor (I know, culturally incorrect, but whatevs) because it looked better than the skirting like they use in the comics.

I also added solid gauntlets instead of the spiny forearm guards used in the comics because it looks more durable were he to engage in actual battle. I know he usually orchestrates things, but sometimes a God's gotta whip some monkey ass.

I feel that the music you listen to, or the mood you're in while you draw affects the work. A lot of times when I work, I listen to music, and for a piece like this, I like to stick with some chunky metal music (i.e. Dream Theater, Dethklok, Blind Guardian, Symphony X, etc.).

That's all until Issue 40, which I've finished. Man, I really can't wait to hear this episode!

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