Thursday, September 11, 2008

Catwoman Issue 1

Hi All,

Just want to say that I'm happy to be drawinng for Pendant Audio and especially the Catwoman series since I am a fan of comics with Batman being one of my favorites throughout the years.

I did this drawing in coloured pencils. Normally I just use graphite pencils
(like the Catwoman promo poster), but I decided to try colour for the first issue. I'm still practicing using coloured pencil and like Kristy (Hi Kristy), my hand hurts too. I'm happy with the final product, but I still need practice. Anyways, for the next few covers, I'm going to go back to using just pencils.

I used my Adobe Photoshop program on the computer to touch up the walls and columns and floor. But I don't have a tablet, so using the mouse was difficult.

I decided to draw Catwoman from behind just to play coy in issue 1. I thought a little bit of "booty" would be kind of funny and different for a first issue (usually it's a head on action shot of the hero/character.)

Anyways, glad to be hear and having fun looking at other's art for pendant. If you want to see more of my art, my website is

Take care, have fun doodling....Paul

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