Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Supergirl: Lost Daughter of Krypton 16

Hey all. So as you may have noticed, Eric's no longer doing Supergirl.

Which leaves me here. Hi! I'm Kristy. Here's my first Pendant cover. It's the first contribution I've made to Pendant that's debuted. I still have...three scripts in Seminar that haven't come out yet, and I'm in the Christmas episode of Superman as a small part.

I have no real art program on my current laptop (I have Photoshop, but that's on my very terrible and hard to use tablet PC which is ready to implode at any second, so you can understand I'd rather not try to do something on that)...

So I chose colored pencil. Because it's the best non-computer medium for me. My wrist hurts. XD I also used up my best friend's colorless blender halfway and I should just buy her a new one because she uses it as much, if not more than I do. The colorless blender is what makes all the colors pop with limited amounts of pressure with the original pencil.

Makes me wish I learned marker better. That stuff is just naturally saturated.

Anyway, if you'd like to see more of what I've drawn in the past 5 years or so... , which has a few doodles I did to try out styles for Supergirl, and a few fanarts for Vegas (because Rene and I are really good friends, though the stuff is of Teri and Danny, which is strange because Jeff and Tessa are my favorites) ...or for some older stuff: .

I shall stop rambling, mostly because I'm hungry. Once again, Hi everybody!

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