Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Reveal

Heres just the inks, since I don't have a scanner I had to take a photo, I tried to clean it up in Photoshop, but ended up leaving it a bit lighter than this, especially since the colors showed the forms so much.
This is just all the color layers in Photoshop w/o the inks, was just to show how much I colored underneath. I didn't really care for the image so I tried to beef it up with some fun colors. I think I was trying to stick so closely to the character sheet for the characters that I ended up emulating that style instead of making it my own - at least on this cover. But seeing as most were pleased with this cover, I know the next one will be even better received. I'd really like to do a close up face, some sort of emotional scene or action scene. I haven’t been drawing a lot lately and it shows. So personally, I think the covers I've done so far have been sort of stagnant or boring... But i plan to change that! And here's the final with everything together.
Oh yeah, and I also got a table so I was kind of out of my element, it was nice for a change but took some getting used to. I do like the wings though, that was fun. Until next month, -XaqBazit.

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